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We plan, develop, import/export and sell machinery and materials which support the improvement in quality and efficiency in the production processes of our customers production of boxes. We offer various technologies, acting as agents and importing/exporting products by consignment from the customer’s factory and related industries.

Scratch Resistant Tape


Scratches can occur during gluing or stitching which can reduce the value of the finished boxes. Our scratch-resistant tape protects your product from damaging scratches and ensures anti-marking.

Nakayama MIR Series


The MIR blade is a precise, sharp and durable cutting rule for large-lot package production. No more paper dust!

Perfect 90CR

perfect 90cr

With the Perfect 90CR you can obtain a perfect 90┬░angle, adjust to a wide variety of bending stiffness and you will be confident that no changes in the box shape will occur regardless of temperature. Excellent crease performance enables easy assembly.

Svelzo Tape

Svelzo tape

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene self-lubricating tape for smooth sheets transfer with impact strength that is ten times higher than nylon!


System tape

Specially developed, thinnest patching tape ever! Easy to use, long lasting, self-adhesive and high accuracy guaranteed.

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