Are you tired of your plastic packages….

  • Not having perfect 90-degree angle edges?
  • Not being professional?
  • Having white creases?

Do You Want Your Plastic Packages To Look Like This?

perfect 90 CR boxes
perfect 90 CR
perfect 90 CR box

If so, then try our Perfect 90 CR! A special crease rule for transparent plastic packages!

perfect 90 CR
  • Make perfect 90-degree angled, adjustable stiffness, professional plastic packages.
  • The long-awaited special crease rule is made with equal distance between the blades and the grooves.

Key Features

  • Excellent crease performance enables easy assembly, even by hand
  • Adjustable to a wide variety of bending stiffness
  • Obtain a perfect 90°angle
  • No changes in the box shape will occur regardless of temperature

Product Specifications

  • Thickness: 0.7mm
  • Height: 23.75mm
    (corresponding to 23.8mm tall cut blade)
  • Length: 450mm
  • Package: 50 pieces

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