Protect Your Product With Scratch-Resistant Tape

Scratches can occur during gluing or stitching which can reduce the value of your finished boxes. Our scratch-resistant tape protects your product from damaging scratches and ensures anti-marking.

Protect your product from potential gluer damage and raise your product’s quality & value.

Scratch resistant tape
scratch resistant tape

Scratch-Resistant Tape Features

  • Anti-marking tape
  • Cost-effective
  • Made of special felt material
  • Self-adhesive
  • Fitting to any point on the machines (Application examples)
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to take off and it leaves no residue
  • Available in 7 different widths (please see the table below) that can suit a variety of sizes of bars and belts
Scratch resistant tape diagrams

Size Variations of Scratch-Resistant Tape

Article No. Width x Length
1001-009001 10 mm x 10 m
1001-009002 12 mm x 10 m
1001-009010 15 mm x 10 m
1001-009004 20 mm x 10 m
1001-009005 25 mm x 10 m
1001-009007 30 mm x 10 m
1001-009008 50 mm x 10 m

Application Examples

Scratch resistant tape application
Scratch resistant tape application example

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